MS65 - MAHLE MS65 Starter Motor

Direct Replacement MAHLE - Direct Replacement

Part Notes : MAHLE, Starter, 12V, 9T, CW, PLGR, 4kW, New

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Description: Starter
OEM(s): Deutz, MAHLE
Voltage: 12
Power: 4kW / 5.36HP
Condition: New
Rotation: CW
Starter Type: PLGR
Number of Teeth: 9
Gear OD: 1.335in / 33.9mm
Mtg Ear 1 Hole: 10.8mm Unthreaded
Mtg Ear 2 Hole: 10.8mm Unthreaded
Mtg Ear 3 Hole: 10.8mm Unthreaded
  • Dust Proof
Application: Deutz Applications

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Brand Name MAHLEWeight 24.3850
New vs. Reman NewManufacturer Design PLGR
Voltage 12Power Rating 3.0
Starter Rotation ClockwiseTooth Quantity 9

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